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Approval Guidelines

If you meet our liberal approval guidelines, your application can be approved quickly and simply. In most cases, we can tell you in minutes if your application will be approved, and can complete the entire process in a matter of days.

We have two types of approval guidelines:

Type 1: Merchant Gateway Auto-Approval
If you meet our Auto-Approval Guidelines noted below, it means that you will be approved regardless of the owner's personal credit history. The only exceptions are for merchants in a current bankruptcy that has not been discharged for a minimum of six months, for merchants on Visa/MC's CTMF File, and for merchant applications that have falsified or fictitious information.

Merchant Gateway Auto Approval Guidelines

  • Visa/MC Monthly Volume Less Than $10K
  • Average Ticket Less Than $300
  • Future Service Liability Less Than 30 Days*
  • Acceptable Type Of Business

*this means that the product is received by the customer or the service has been completed by the merchant within 30 days of charging the customer's credit card

Type 2: Merchant Gateway Standard Approval
If you do not meet the Auto-Approval Guidelines, you can still get approved! Your application will simply need to be supported by any one of the following:

  • Owner with a good, established personal credit history
  • Business or personal financial statements or tax returns
  • Current credit card processing statements

Prohibited businesses
the following businesses are not eligible for a Merchant Gateway credit card merchant account:

  • Adult entertainment and materials
  • Airports
  • Attorneys/bankruptcy
  • Auto dealers (used cars)
  • Buying and shopping club
  • Carpeting (custom)
  • Check cashing services
  • Collection agencies and debt collection services
  • Credit restoration and/or repair services
  • Cruise lines
  • Direct outbound telemarketing
  • Dating services
  • Companies with a future service liability that is greater than one year
  • Hair loss products
  • Investment opportunity
  • Membership businesses (longer than one year)
  • MLM signup fees and business opportunity
  • Products and services with unreasonable guarantees
  • Racing: car, horse and dog
  • Timeshare rentals
  • Travel agencies (selling travel/tour packages)
  • Water purifiers
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